To create a healthy ecosystem for all living things using frequent environmental satellite data to connect the Built Environment with Nature.

Our Mission

A smart city surveys its natural capital frequently, creating a digital twin that enables effective and responsive city planning.

Building the climate resilient cities of the future.



Matt Dell

Earth Scientist

Yvonne Lynch

Greening Strategist

Amir Fila

Lead Data Scientist

Thomas Gooch


Our team integrates data analysis and city planning expertise to connect the Built Environment with Nature.

The Team

With a background in Landscape Architecture, Thomas has incorporated satellite remote sensing into city planning since 2016.

With work exhibited at ESA's living planet symposium, published in the 'Manual for Digital Earth' and government council policies. He advocates for the use of environmental data  for underpinning decisions towards valuing nature.  Innovating in the space industry has also led him to contribute writing a 'Declaration of Rights of the Moon'.

Yvonne is an urban greening and climate adaptation expert. She advises city and national governments around the world on how to green cities and adapt rapidly to extreme climate conditions. Yvonne recruited and led City of Melbourne's Urban Forest & Ecology team for several years. The work of the team garnered multiple international and national innovation awards under her leadership. She is an engaging and inspiring presenter who has delivered many keynote speeches.

A geoscientist and environmental scientist, Matt has been mapping rocks, soils, landforms and landscapes since the early 1990's. He works across disciplines including drone and fixed wing aerial photography time series for mapping coastal and urban change. For many years Matt has been providing GIS support and mapping advice to government agencies, the education sector and conservation groups through his business Tasmanian Environmental Consultants.

Amir is a passionate Data Scientist with special interests in the areas where data insights can benefit the wider community. Among those are where AI, Statistics and Mathematics, GIS, Remote Sensing, and Research intersect. His experience working with corporates, multi-national consulting companies, and agile start-ups for over fourteen years has strengthened the depth and breadth of his technical knowledge and leadership skills.

Mark Warburton


Mary Karolyi


Jessica Dimcevski Branding Strategy

Gus Macaulay


Mark is a highly commercial digital marketing and sales growth driver with experience in tech, entertainment, FMCG and consumer electronics  working for multinational companies like P&G, GsK Activision Blizzard, Microsoft, Samsung and Australian based start ups. He was worked in Australia, China, Japan and Asia with experience in general management, sales, marketing, eCommerce, marketplace platforms and brand management.

Working for design and strategy agencies around the globe for over a decade Jessica has the innate ability to balance the heart and mind of brands through design outcomes. Always valuing creativity that is based on strong strategic insight with the purpose of engaging with an audience. 

As an investor in a global multi-million dollar start-up - Jessica has an understanding of the balance and simplicity involved in solving complex problems clearly. 

Mary’s finance career spans 20+ years with a strong background in accounting & tax. An agile and seasoned CFO, Mary specialises in working with start-ups, scale-ups and disrupted organisations. Experienced in all traditional aspects, Mary’s experience has also included the transformation and evolution of businesses within the tech, professional services and retail sectors across Australia, Asia, USA, South Africa, New Zealand and the UAE. 

Gus is a Software Engineer specialising in design and implementation of geospatial systems for the web and beyond. He has worked across private and public sectors in  scientific computing, urban research, agriculture, health informatics and clinical systems. Gus has presented at FOSS4G conference as well as co-authoring several academic papers including 'Developing a research and practice tool to measure walkability'


Part of Australia's SmartSat CRC startup community


Accepted into the Microsoft startup program


A participant in the Climate-Kic startup incubator 

Singapore Land Authority

Invited to take part in SLA’s Geoworks community for startups

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We recognise the traditional owners of the land where we work, their elders past and present and their relationship with the landscape.

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We recognise the Earth’s right to exist in its integrity, with all planetary boundaries intact and healthy so that all life on Earth can be sustained.

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