We are experts in spatial analysis & scientific data derived from satellite remote sensing. We also understand deeply how cities operate, the policies which govern them and built environment actions.  Fusing these disciplines, we provide a way forwards for cities to be underpinned by 'big nature data'.

It's the fusing of all perspectives which will help us find new ways for inhabiting changing landscapes of the future.


With 16 years of expertise in city design across policy, urban design and landscape architecture. Thomas Gooch brings a strong vision and focus to how cities can exist WITHIN environmental systems utilising Earth Observations.  Since 2016 he has incorporated satellite remote sensing into city planning by founding the sister company Office of Other Spaces. His leadership has fused time series analysis with design asking how this data might be used to govern cities and our collective 'living infrastructure' (nature) in the age of climate change, and frequently! 

Having worked internationally & nationally with state governments, local councils & industry. Thomas' focused leadership delivers high end complex projects with large consultant teams. His knowledge for fusing satellite observations in near real-time with cities has led projects to be recognised in the ‘Digital Cities’ chapter of ISDE’s Manual for Digital Earth.

Dr Both brings 13 years of expertise in spatial analysis, Earth Science, remote sensing and spatial indicators for major cities. He brings a strong knowledge on managing high end data pathways and big data sets for complex project briefs in regards to city planning.

Having worked as lead researcher on CRCSI project Open Spatial Analytics he developed a scientific workflow platform to automate Geoscience Australia’s procedure for constructing the National DEM (Digital Elevation Model) using Australia’s NCI supercomputer. Dr Both has experience as a postdoctoral researcher at RMIT University working in the field of geospatial science, developing new algorithms and systems for computing with spatial data in the Cloud. He is familiar with all types of dynamic spatial data and data flows, from LiDAR data about our changing world to data about every type of moving object; from vegetation to cars to fish.

Dr Alan Both

Co-Founder | Director | Spatial Analyst

Founder | Director | Landscape Architect

Thomas Gooch