Drawing on big data from frequent satellite observations, we analyse the status of vegetation cover in near real-time for the purposes of living WITHIN nature and of the benefit to Earth. This provides capacity for evidence based decision making across government policy/strategies, local councils, city planners and individual actions.

Observing Earth from space; 

we analyse vegetation cover 

every five days at 10m resolution 

Understanding Our Planet

(Every five days)

Mapping the

Living Infrastructure

of our cities-





Enquire about our services in creating benchmark data sets and time series analysis of environmental indices. We supply low cost, easy to access analysis packs for government policy, city planning, urban development and agricultural purposes allowing for evidence based decision making. We tailor to watersheds, municipality boundaries, mesh blocks, forest outline or otherwise specific to your needs. Contact us directly for services.





Earth Observations

Going to space for the benefit of Earth. 

This is true in the golden age of satellites making it possible to observe the Earth every five days via satellite remote sensing.


Thus Earth observations are critical for government policy/strategies, city planners, climate action and agriculture to ensure we have evidence based decision making which will benefit the Earth. 

These benchmark and near real-time data sets can increase the quality of our landscapes, ecosystems and local environments, ensuring our collective cities are resilient to changes in climate. 

Time Series Analysis

Nature is not static, it heaves, pulses, and is constantly moving in time as 'living infrastructure'. 

Thus we create time series analysis of environmental variables using frequent satellite observations. 

Over a single year, we analyse up to 70 satellite observations* providing quantitative environmental data and visualising unseen patterns/trends. These products show the relationship human actions have on natural systems for evidence based and responsive decision making in near real-time. 

By visuallising environmental changes frequently, our cities can be better informed on how everyday actions affect nature. This empowers us to ensure the quality of our local environments are healthy, robust and resilient to changes in climate. 

* subject to cloud cover

Services & Products

We supply satellite time series analysis products of  environmental variables to your determined boundary and time period.  That is every five days at 10m resolution, providing quantitative data sets.